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Pinmar Yacht Supply is delighted to announce the immediate availability of the washBOX® portable anti-scale system in all of our stores across Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona.

What is the washBOX®?

An eco-friendly alternative to water softener, the washBOX® is salt & chemical free, maintenance free, waterproof, lightweight and extremely strong. Simply plug and play with your standard hose connections and a single power cable to instantly benefit from softer water and reduced lime scale.

What does it do?

washBOX® changes the shape of the lime crystals into microscopic smooth crystal sticks by environmentally friendly, physical treatment. These new shaped crystals can no longer stick together and do not form hard lime deposits. Washing is different now! The water is softer, the saponification is stronger, therefore the detergents can be reduced up to 50%.
Washing with washBOX® is easier and faster!

How to use the washBOX®

  • The effect of washBOX® is better the longer the water hose is after washBOX®
  • Remove any existing limescale off surfaces first
  • Heavily polluted water source – Use a sediment pre-filter before the washBOX®
  • High water pressure (>1.5 bar) – Use a pressure reducer upstream of the washBOX®, which should be set to 1.5 bar.
  • With washBOX® the water is softer, the saponification is stronger, therefore the detergents used can be reduced by up to 50%

For more information on the washBOX® system, including the pre-filter and pressure reducing add-ons, please visit us in store or contact:

Miguel Salas, General Manager Pinmar Yacht Supply –